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Well-attended SawInfo training days!

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we ran training sessions on SawInfo during the autumn under the name SawInfo on Tour in several places around Sweden. The one-day training session was for our customers as well sawmills that have not yet installed it but are interested in finding out more about SawInfo.

Now that the event is over, we can confirm that the training, which was primarily aimed at lorry drivers, drier operators and loading planners, was a real success. The numbers of participants at the training sessions clearly exceeded our expectations. And the comments from them have been very positive.

One person who took part in the training session in Skellefteå was Ulf Johansson, Loading Manager at Kåge Såg.

“We were one of the first sawmills to start using SawInfo, which is a great help to us in improving the efficiency of our work. Quite a few of us from Kåge Såg took part in the training as we believe it’s valuable for as many people as possible who use SawInfo in their daily work to learn more about how we can make full use of the system.”

Ulf can see big benefits of more people learning about the system as they can then discuss different solutions internally and use more of the functions than they have so far.

“These training sessions have also served another important function, namely meeting colleagues from other sawmills and hearing about their experiences and how they have chosen to work with the system. We can gain many valuable ideas from each other from that,” concludes Ulf.



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