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Interest in GPSTimber in Europe

As you probably already know, GPSTimber is our and Cartesia’s joint system for more efficient logistics at timber yards. The system is based on GPS technology and uses communication between the centre and the trucks to keep track of what is stored where, where the trucks/vehicles are and which activities are being carried out.

GPSTimber has attracted great interest in recent years from Swedish and other Scandinavian sawmills, and we are now also starting to see growing interest from the rest of Europe.

GPSTimber is developed by us at DataPolarna, while Cartesia handles marketing. Lennart Landström, Head of Sales of GPSTimber, talks about the export successes:

“We sold our first system back in 2008 to one of Stora Enso’s biggest sawmills, Ybbs in Austria. It has had very good experience of GPSTimber and we hope to sell the system to another couple of sawmills there soon.”

GPSTimber has also acquired a Romanian sawmill as a customer.

“The previous owner of Stora Enso’s sawmill in Austria has now built a large sawmill in Romania, SchweighoferRadauti Sawmill, and it has decided to work with us and has chosen GPSTimber for this sawmill too. The purchase was completed in June and it should be fully operational in November. There are a further two sawmills here that are about to become operational where we hope to supply further systems.”

Lennart also explains that these sawmills became customers in tough competition with a number of big competitors and he believes this will be an important gateway to further European sawmills.

“It is of course exciting and fun to be successful also outside Sweden’s borders. This is mostly due to us having taken part in the Ligna Fair for several years, made new contacts and presented the benefits of GPSTimber. We are now starting to reap the rewards of this,” says a very satisfied Lennart Landström.



Introduction to DataPolarna

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Our strength lies in a long and broad experience of analysing needs, and of developing and carrying out both large and small projects in close collaboration with our customers.

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