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An initiative to train our customers

At DataPolarna there is now an initiative underway to train existing and new customers who use our SawInfo products. Specifically, Joakim Sehlstedt will assume the role of key account manager for products in the SawInfo family, and a major part of his new assignment involves visiting and training our customers on their home turf.

“We are doing this so that customers will get even more out of the products in the SawInfo family,” DataPolarna Managing Director Anders Marklund explains. “The aim is to enable customers to ‘make more money’ in the future – that is, to generate even greater profitability and to see DataPolarna as a natural provider of products that streamline their workday.”

New employees often lack training in how to use our products

“We’ve discovered that there is a great demand for training and consulting services,” Joakim Sehlstedt notes.  “Previously, the main focus has been on development of functionality, but now I will have an opportunity to reorient a large part of my job and spend more time working in the field with customers. We see, for example, that people are changing jobs to an increasing extent, which means that new arrivals in the workplace often lack both basic training and training that is more specifically related to their work and that will help them get even more out of the products that are included in the SawInfo package. I know that a fairly large share of truck drivers out there among our customers have never had an opportunity for basic training on how best to utilise our products.”

There is always a great deal of development going on with the various SawInfo products, and most customers have had no additional training during the years that many of them have had the products installed. As a result, many of the users out among our customers are not always up-to-date on the new features that exist. So there is a rather large need here for updates on how to benefit from SawInfo products in the best way.

Complete customer-specific training programmes

Now we at DataPolarna are putting together complete training packages for truck drivers, planners, those responsible for unloading and other types of users. And later this spring we will offer customers these training packages.

“To a large extent, we will work on making training programmes as customer-specific as possible, tailoring them to each client's specific situation and needs,” explains Joakim. He encourages customers to get in touch with him and schedule time for training.

Products in the SawInfo family include SawInfo (package logistics), SIPlan (production planning), SIBB (production follow-up), SIDO (operator maintenance), SIJO (activity logging) and SISS (sales support).

If you would like to learn more or schedule a time that works for you for training input, get in touch with Joakim Sehlstedt on +46 (0)70-378 20 90 or +46 (0)910-77 22 94.



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