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Development is starting on a new tool for production planning

At DataPolarna we are now starting the develop work on SawInfoPlanner (SIPlan). This is a unique planning tool for sawmills that will be able to handle everything from logs to processed goods. The tool will allow those of you who work with planning to choose to plan any number of production steps you want (sawing, drying, adjustment, planing, cross-cutting, cleaving, etc.).

“SIPlan will be able to offer a graphic planning interface that will provide a good overview and make it easy to see the consequences of changes to the plan. We have taken many of the ideas and the technology in SIPlan from the planning systems that we are developing for the mining industry,” says Anders Marklund, Project Manager of the development work.

Anders also explains that seven external actors will initially take part in the project. It is important to involve sawmills of different sizes, specialisations, organisation and requirements so that the system not only supports one organisation or one way of planning and thinking.

If you are interested in taking part in the project, please contact Anders Marklund straight away on +46 (0)70-3712090, +46 (0)910-73 22 90 or at



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