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The activity logging works really well and is extra valuable for improving and making the work more efficient.

“We have very good experiences of SawInfo JobOnline so far. It has been really easy to get started and use the system,” says Tomas Haglund MD of Moelven Norsälven, which has used the system since November.

Tomas thinks it is a good tool, including for considering changes to and testing the effects of moving products within the area.

“It was perfect for us to run the activity logging as part of the ECO-driving project we are working on right now. Via the graphic part, we have been able to see, for instance, that a particular lorry that has been in heavy use in December, when we drove more than usual, has been driven at a very high speed, while another one has not. As our goal is well-functioning teamwork between the drivers and improving our allocation of jobs, SawInfo JobOnline is a perfect tool for this work.”

At another of Moelven’s mills in Årjäng, another activity logging project is starting now in January. The work of a total of five lorries will be logged and analysed using SawInfo JobOnline.

SawInfo JobOnline is DataPolarna’s in-house developed service for easy and efficient logging and analysis of vehicle activities at sawmills. SawInfo JobOnline is also suitable for stationary use.

The user can easily choose which activities and machines to connect to the system for reporting.

We deliver the system complete with all the necessary hardware, i.e. tablet computer, vehicle fixings and data subscription. A big advantage of the system is that no software installation is required to get started as all the tools are available via the Web.

The required analysis tools, for example, Gantt charts, speed diagrams, tracking on a map and reporting are built into the system. Data can be analysed and evaluated quickly and easily via reports in the web browser.

We are now working intensively to develop the analysis tools further.



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