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Setra is fully committed to TimberTime!

TimberTime is our system for booking/announcing unloading times for timber lorries. TimberTime minimises queues and waiting times when unloading timber and pulpwood.

In 2019 Setra Skinnskatteberg has served as a pilot facility for Setra, where the system has been tested.

“We started in Skinnskatteberg exactly a year ago and are very pleased with the results. This means that we have now decided to ‘roll it out’ in all seven of our facilities,” says Adrian Eriksson, a business developer within Setra.

Adrian has previously worked at Martinssons in Bygdsiljum, which has used TimberTime for years and realised the benefits of the system.

“It is an extraordinary tool for both the sawmills and the hauliers that deliver the timber to us. It definitely improves the logistics for both of us. But as always, getting started takes a little time because the hauliers, in particular, are used to working in a different way. The sawmill side is a little more accustomed to using new systems to improve operations. But it is largely a matter of informing people and showing them the benefits, since most see that it will make everyday life much easier for everyone,” Adrian notes.

After all, TimberTime gives the hauliers a convenient tool for better planning their work. It is easy to use because anyone can access it via the web or by mobile phone and touchpad. In addition, it requires minimal installation.

You can read more about TimberTime here.



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