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Preparations under way before the Wood Products and Technology Fair

Although there are almost three months until the Wood Products and Technology Fair takes place in Gothenburg on September 6-9, preparations are in full swing at Datapolarna.

The Wood Products and Technology Fair is now a well-established event where both Swedish and foreign sawmills have an opportunity to get a picture of the current situation and future developments among the main suppliers of services and products that can enhance the effectiveness of sawmill production. In addition, they have an opportunity to meet and share experiences with colleagues, which is greatly appreciated and rewarding.

For several years DataPolarna has been a member of SawTech, a major trade association for Swedish sawmill suppliers consisting of 19 vendors.

Thomas Ivarsson, secretary of SawTech, is the person handling arrangements for the event:

"We have conducted a survey of our members, and it showed that they think personal contacts are the most important thing about the fair, not hauling in a lot of equipment of various types. Therefore, we decided to make a joint effort at the Wood Products and Technology Fair this year. All of this has resulted in a large joint booth where, among other things, DataPolarna is included in what is known as the Hub. There you will find the most important offerings from Swedish suppliers when it comes to improving sawmill production.”

Tomas says that after the show there will be a thorough analysis of the results and close attention to what both visitors and exhibitors thought about the new concept. This will be followed by an evaluation of how to move forward in the future. In subsequent newsletters this autumn, we will present the results in more detail. 



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