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Visit us at LIGNA in Hanover May 22-26!

DataPolarna will again take part in the big LIGNA trade fair in Hanover on May 22-26. We heartily welcome you to our booth, 39 in Hall 25. If you would like an admission ticket, let us know and we will send it to you right away.

In our booth we will present:


SawInfo is our system name for the products that handle package logistics, planning, follow-up, etc.

SawInfo previously was the name of the product for package management, but we've decided that, like Office 365, SawInfo will serve as an umbrella for all of our products for logistics, planning and following up on products for the wood products industry.


SawInfo Package Logistics, or SIPal (formerly SawInfo), is our product for graphical inventory management of timber packages, with close links to existing sawing systems, measurements, drying and production for all types of sawmills.

With SawInfo, forklift operators and dryer operators can streamline their work. For example, they can see which dryers are available with a quick glance at the touch screen, which dimensions are ready for loading, etc.


Sawinfo Planner, or SIPlan, is an all-new planning system developed specifically for sawmills, planing mills and other processing. SIPlan takes your planning to the next level and avoids cumbersome and difficult to understand Excel spreadsheets.

In SIPlan your planning takes place visually with the help of Gantt charts, diagrams, etc. SIPlan is cloud-based and thus requires minimal installation and start-up.


Sawinfo DO it, or SIDO, is a digital data display for operator maintenance, etc. Data screens are placed in central locations, such as control rooms, break rooms and other places where people often congregate or pass by.

SIDO can display procedures to be done daily, weekly or monthly. But it also has checklists, which you can go through in case of stoppages to be sure that you have taken all the steps needed before starting up again. SIDO can be linked to terminal screens and vehicles, since it is a cloud application that requires only a Web browser and an Internet connection.


Sawinfo Production, or SIProd, was formerly a module in SIPal but can now also be used independently or in combination with SIPlan and SISS. As a stand-alone application, SIProd then becomes one of our products.

SIProd is a production terminal that is used in production areas to display planned production orders, feedback, delisting of packages, package creation, label printing and stop times.


Sawinfo JobOnline, or SIJO, is DataPolarna’s proprietary service for simple and effective logging and analysis of vehicle activities in the sawmill. But SIJO can also come in handy for stationary use.

The user can easily choose which activities and machines are to be attached to the product for incoming reports. The system includes all the necessary hardware needed, including tablet, vehicle mount and data subscription plan. It does not require any software installation in order to get started, because all of the tools are available via the Web.


Sawinfo Blue Box, or SIBB, is a production database that brings together all production information related to, among other things, stocks, orders, packages, parts and stop times.

With SIBB you get all production data gathered in one place, and it can easily be integrated with the sawmill's production and logistics systems. All SIBB data becomes available via mobile phone.


Sawinfo Sale Support, or SISS, is an ongoing development project with the goal of developing a cloud-based and Web-based tool for streamlining the sales process in the wood products industry. In the future SISS will become one of the corner pieces in the SawInfo puzzle.

With SISS, sellers and others can manage customers, contracts, deliveries, shipping and other elements of the sales process. When the system is completely deployed in the cloud, there will be endless possibilities for mobility, integration, etc. SISS will link up the business with production in an effective and natural way.


TimberTime is a system for booking/notification of unloading times for logging trucks. TimberTime minimises queues and waiting times at the unloading of timber and pulpwood.

TimberTime is available to everyone via the Web, mobile phone and tablet. Minimal installation is required on the part of customers and users.

GPS Timber

GPS Timber is a system for timber yard logistics. The system keeps track of what is stored where and thus facilitates proper and effective management.

GPS Timber provides increased control, shorter storage time, reduced fuel costs and a better work environment.The software is located in the facility’s operations centre, but client software also is in each vehicle.


MoistPal is the moisture meter of the future, which we have developed in collaboration with industry professionals, prominent product developers and manufacturers. It facilitates sampling of moisture ratios in sawn wood products.

Simple handling allows you to save lots of time in taking samples. Transfer of measurement data takes place via Bluetooth and can be linked with a smartphone, PC or other device that has Bluetooth. Measurement data is transmitted and stored automatically so that users immediately after the measurement can print reports, etc.



Introduction to DataPolarna

DataPolarna is a consultancy company that specialises in developing efficient, customer-adapted and innovative software solutions, as well as education and project leadership.

Our strength lies in a long and broad experience of analysing needs, and of developing and carrying out both large and small projects in close collaboration with our customers.

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