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Incredibly great interest at LIGNA!

Our participation at the LIGNA trade fair in Hannover in May was a huge success!

Joakim Sehlstedt, one of our representatives on the spot, comments:

“Interest in our products greatly exceeded our expectations. Even before we headed off for the event, we knew that our new moisture meter, MoistPal, would attract attention and interest, but it turned out to be like a magnet. From the very first day, it drew crowds of visitors wanting to know more about how it worked and to try it out.”

Joakim compares the phenomenon to the classic fly and sugar lump. When one person shows interest, immediately many more come, wondering what’s going on.

“Another big difference this year compared with previous years in which we had participated is that we had visitors from almost 50 countries. We’ve never come close to that before. In addition, we were visited by not only sawmill people but also carpenters, pellet producers, timber buyers and other categories who wanted to check out our display and see what we’re doing besides MoistPal.”

In addition to the great interest in MoistPal, there also seemed to be more interest than before in our other system solutions – SIDO, SiPlan, SawInfo and GPSTimber – which naturally is gratifying. During LIGNA, many of our previous customers meet other colleagues in the industry who are not yet our customers. Then they begin chatting with one another and the interest gains new momentum.

“Many new contacts were made during the week when the exhibition proceeded in Hannover. It is, of course, just as important for us to make new contacts that can lead to new introductions to collaborators and new customer categories that can make use of our system solutions, with small adjustments for new lines of business. Moreover, we have a keen ear for points of view we encounter in this way from those who already use our products.”

By collaborating on a display with Cartesia, Renholmen and Alent Drying, we attracted more trade fair visitors to our display. This concept also provided information to interested parties in more customer categories about the great deal of expertise we have up here in sawmills, further processing and product development within the sawmill industry.  



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