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Autumn will be dominated by a high pressure system!

Okay, it certainly feels as if autumn will soon be upon us. But after a much needed rest for a few holiday weeks in the summer, we are now already in full swing. We have to constantly operate at full steam in the autumn to meet the very high demand from our customers.

Naturally it’s inspiring to see such a positive reception in the market for our products. But we interpret that to mean that our customers are seeing a noticeable difference in their everyday lives since they have installed one or more of our highly respected products in their companies. We believe the key to our success is many years of collaboration with companies in the industry and, we think, a good dialogue regarding development of new, effective systems that simplify and improve customers’ lives. That is a concept we will continue to work with.

We hope that you, too, will enjoy a high pressure system!!!!



Introduction to DataPolarna

DataPolarna is a consultancy company that specialises in developing efficient, customer-adapted and innovative software solutions, as well as education and project leadership.

Our strength lies in a long and broad experience of analysing needs, and of developing and carrying out both large and small projects in close collaboration with our customers.

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