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About cookies on DataPolarnas website

On 1 July 2011, the Electronic Communications Act (2003:389) was changed. The change means that visitors to a site must agree that the site uses cookies.

Previously, it was enough that there was information on the website about the use of cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that the website sends to your computer and store there. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to various functions. The information contained in the cookie can be used to track a visitor's surfing.

There are two types of cookies. The first saves a file for a long time on your computer. It is used for functions that tell you what is new since you last visited the site.

The second type of cookie is called a session cookie. While you are surfing on a page, the cookie is stored temporarily in your computer's memory to keep track of what language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored for a long time on your computer, they disappear when you close your browser.

The use of cookies 

DataPolarnas website uses session cookies to save language settings while you're browsing the site. Session cookies are also used when the user logs on our support pages. These session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.

A cookie is used to verify that you are aware of our use of cookies. This cookie is stored on your computer for a year.

More about cookies and Electronic Communications Act 

In the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), you can read more about what the new rules mean for you to visit websites. There you can also read more about cookies, how they are used and how to find them on your computer.

At the end of January, we held our popular SawInfo Days in Skellefteå. We have now conducted SawInfo Days for a couple of years. This time, too, the event was packed with visitors, which is very encouraging and means that we will continue to work on planning for new SawInfo Days in late September/early October. We will return with the location and exact days later.

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GPS Timber is a system for sawmills, which DataPolarna develops and Sokigo sells. More and more sawmills have become aware of GPS Timber and the benefits it offers for dynamic compartment management. 

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TimberTime is our system for booking/announcing unloading times for timber lorries. TimberTime minimises queues and waiting times when unloading timber and pulpwood.

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Last autumn we talked about high pressure in our job dealing with development and new customers. And we can already see that the high pressure has not abated and seems to be continuing throughout the spring.

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Our company recently signed on new member of our staff. His name is Thomas Haiduga, and he has a background as production manager at Östavalls Såg sawmill. At the start of the new year, he will work part-time with us initially and later in the year full-time.

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Just a short time ago we managed to become associated with Erik Åström on a consultancy basis. In parallel, Erik operates Heatwood in Forsa with his brother. We first came in contact with Erik about two years ago, when we installed SawInfo Sales Support (SISS) in their company.

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Introduction to DataPolarna

DataPolarna is a consultancy company that specialises in developing efficient, customer-adapted and innovative software solutions, as well as education and project leadership.

Our strength lies in a long and broad experience of analysing needs, and of developing and carrying out both large and small projects in close collaboration with our customers.

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