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Finally! MoistPal is ready for delivery.

Finally, many interested potential customers say about MoistPal, the sawmill industry’s most intriguing moisture meter, MoistPal. It finally is ready for delivery to the first customers, who have shown interest in MoistPal as far back as LIGNA, but also later during the summer, when word about it spread.

All results from our test series in a production environment have proven to be on target, and we therefore feel the time is ripe to begin full-scale launching of the moisture meter in September.

“Judging from the interest up to know, we have no doubt that it will be a successful product for us,” says Anders Marklund, DataPolarna managing director.

One of the major advantages of MoistPal is functionality and ease of use. Fewer manual operations with respect to data transfer also reduce the risk of error. In addition, moisture measurements can be done much faster because all values are assembled in one place directly in the computer. This will save new customers a great deal of time in the future.

“As we indicated earlier, the development of MoistPal is a typical example of how we at DataPolarna like to work. The basic idea for the product came from users, and we carried out development and production in collaboration with capable companies in our vicinity,” Anders adds.



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