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Activity logging – a growing area

DataPolarna has recently been given a new and interesting assignment from Moelven Norsälven for activity logging of the company’s lorry work.

 “In short, you could say that we are going to track what the lorries do during a three-month period. The lorries will be provided with a tablet computer on which the drivers log their activities during the working day. It will also be possible to see the positions of the lorries via GPS.”

The idea of this activity logging is to analyse how the lorries can be better coordinated in the long term. The project is an important part of the company’s ongoing improvement work. There’s also a bonus system for lorry drivers linked to the results of the diesel consumption.

“We have previously conducted similar activity logging projects at, among others, Dalaträ and Bergkvists i Insjön, and interest in this service seems to be growing,” says Anders Marklund. 



Introduction to DataPolarna

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