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Sawmills in Dalarna make a big investment in TimberTime

From 1 November, five big sawmills in Dalarna will make a big joint investment in using TimberTime to improve the efficiency of receiving raw material for their sawmills.

The sawmills are Bergkvist Insjön, Siljan Mora, Siljan Blyberg, Fiskarheden and Moelven Dala Trä.

“TimberTime is our own system developed in house for booking unloading times for timber trucks. By connecting to the system, queues and waiting times for unloading are reduced, which benefits the drivers and the recipients of the timber at the sawmill as well as the paper mill. In this case, the timber comes from the same resource supply area and if, as in this case, there are several reception places for timber in the same area, it will be very efficient, as the drivers can easily see where they can go. And if there is a problem with, for example, a truck at one of the sawmills, the drivers can easily be informed of this by a text message and thereby choose another sawmill,” explains Anders Marklund, MD of DataPolarna

We have produced common instructions, so the same basic rules apply in all the places.

In a previous newsletter, we reported that Holmen had connected Sweden’s most modern sawmill, Braviken, as well as Holmen Paper Braviken to TimberTime in May. The reports from there are very positive.

We now have a total of more than 1200 registered users of TimberTime, and more than 100,000 unloadings have been booked/notified via TimberTime.



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