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Collaboration on RFID with Kalix company

Because the supplier of our radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, Texas Instruments, will stop producing the readers soon, we have initiated collaboration with Electrotech in Kalix for the design and production of an equivalent reader.

Juha Rajala, head of technology at Electrotech, talks about the new collaboration.

“We've previously made tags that Datapolarna uses, so we are already accustomed to working with them. We are also very well-versed in conditions that the readers must work in and have chosen a technology that is well suited for the purpose. Datapolarna has also been very careful to ensure that our new RFID readers will be based on the same specifications as the present ones.”

Development work is in full swing, and plans call for the new RFID readers to be on the market after the 2018 holidays.

“We feel confident that we can further develop our collaboration with the company up here in Norrland,” Managing Director Anders Marklund comments. “There is extensive know-how here for the development of additional products that can make handling more efficient in sawmills. It’s also important for us to have stable subsuppliers who can provide us with the equipment we need for our products.With the new readers, we can label our RFID system with ‘Made in Norrland’ from now on.”



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