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Stenvalls Trä runs SIBB in several places

During the year Stenvalls Trä has installed SIBB at several of its facilities in Norrbotten. SIBB – or SawInfo BlueBox, as the system is called – is a cloud-based production data warehouse based on Microsoft’s server platforms.

The idea that Stenvalls and some of our other customers have is to use SIBB to store, join together and link data from the entire sawmill production chain. Actually all the way from log to completed delivery to the customer. Among other things, you can maximise traceability, and in addition you have the opportunity to produce different types of production reports.

“With the help of SIBB, you can get production data in real time, for example, and also check on where you stand in relation to the budget directly by mobile phone or the Web,” says Anders Marklund, managing director of DataPolarna.

Among the most common links that feed data to SIBB are SDC (data from timber orders and mill transactions), measure frames for sorting of timber, timber handling (via connection with GPS Timber or TimberTime, for example, for information about timber stocks), log scanner saw intake, saw orders, bit data saw/green sorter, sticker stacked packages (data can be taken from the green sorter or from SawInfo, for example), package management, drying data, adjustment, further processing (plane, split, cut, etc.) completed packets (information can be obtained from SawInfo, for example, or business systems), sales prices, resource costs and stopping times for machines and resources.

“It is also important to point out that SIBB naturally can be customised, based on every sawmill’s specific needs,” Anders Marklund notes. “The industry has lacked a system like this. It just has not been possible to collect all of the data and be able to create traceability in a simple way before. SIBB is simply unique in this respect. An important cog for creating this and getting the most efficiency possible is the use of SawInfo.”



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