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Södra Cell Mönsterås chooses GPS Timber

“Just now we are starting the introduction of a pilot project with GPS Timber Pulp at Södra Cell Mönsterås,” says Lennart Landström, who is in charge of sales for GPS Timber.

The introduction will be finished in about a month, and they will conduct an evaluation of the introduction later, when it is fully operational. The facility is a combination in which a paper mill and sawmill run in parallel. Consequently, it is possible to eventually synch the logistical work of both facilities with the help of GPS Timber.

“They took part in a study visit at Stora Enso in Skutskär and were very pleased with how GPS Timber works there. They envision great coordination benefits from being able to work together with machines in both the paper mill and the sawmill. Since a sizeable expansion of production is planned, our system will be an important part of this effort. And we hope to see GPS Timber involved in their combination and several others in the future,” Lennart Landström concludes.

You can read more about GPS Timber here.



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