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Stenvalls Trä purchases both TimberTime and GPS Timber

We have had Stenvalls Trä as a customer for some time. Now they have purchased additional products from us.

The company has made TimberTime available to all production units. TimberTime is our system for booking unloading and loading times for timber, wood chips, wood packages, etc. With TimberTime, Stenvalls will minimize queues and waiting times for unloading of timber and pulpwood and retrieving packages.

But Stenvalls has also purchased GPS Timber for its facility in Sikfors. GPS Timber is our proprietary system for timber yard logistics. GPS Timber keeps track of what is stored where and thus facilitates proper and effective management. Among other things, it provides increased control, shorter storage time, reduced fuel costs and a better work environment. The software is located in the facility’s operations centre, but client software also is in each vehicle.

Stenvalls installed TimberTime and GPS Timber is to further streamline production at its facilities.



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