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Great interest in SawInfo Days continues

At the end of January, we held our popular SawInfo Days in Skellefteå. We have now conducted SawInfo Days for a couple of years. This time, too, the event was packed with visitors, which is very encouraging and means that we will continue to work on planning for new SawInfo Days in late September/early October. We will return with the location and exact days later.

“More than 30 people attended the latest sessions, including international participants from Latvia and Norway, which was especially gratifying,” says DataPolarna Managing Director Anders Marklund.

The theme of the year’s first SawInfo Days was planning. We showed how you can better plan and manage your operations with the help of SawInfo. This was interspersed with workshops and interesting discussions about developments and wishes from the industry. We also welcomed representatives from Boliden, who provided insight into how the mining industry works on planning and management.

“This led to many “aha” moments and extra inspiration, and during the breaks there was a lot of discussion about how the various branches of our industry can benefit from each other,” Anders adds.

On the whole, we would like to thank everyone for coming, participating in discussions and giving birth to new ideas about our products in this area. We hope to see you and your colleagues again this autumn.

SawInfo Days is designed to give our customers the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, DataPolarna and SawInfo.

You can read more about SawInfo here.



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