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Visit us in Hannover 11-15 May!

DataPolarna will naturally take part in the big industry fair Ligna in Hannover 11-15 May. We wish you a warm welcome to our stand, E28 in Hall 27. If you’d like an admission ticket, let us know and we’ll send you one immediately.

We will present the following products at our stand:


SawInfo is a graphic stock management system for timber stacks, closely connected to the existing saw system, measurements, dryers and production for all types of sawmills.

With SawInfo, fork-lift truck drivers and dryer operators can make their work more efficient, as a quick glance at the touchscreen can show them, for example, which dryers are available, which dimensions are ready for loading, etc.


SIPlan is a completely new planning system developed specially for sawmills, planing mills and other processing. SIPlan takes planning to the next level so you don’t have to worry about complicated and perplexing Excel sheets.

In SIPlan, the planning is done visually using Gantt charts, diagrams, etc. SIPlan is cloud based and therefore requires minimal installation and start time.


TimberTime is a booking/notification system for unloading times for timber lorries. TimberTime minimises queueing and waiting times when unloading timber and pulpwood.

TimberTime is available to everyone via the web, mobile phone or touchscreen. Minimal installation is required by customers and users.


GPSTimber is a logistics system for the timber yard. The system keeps track of what is stored where, facilitating correct and efficient handling.

GPS Timber provides greater control, shorter storage times, reduced fuel costs and an improved working environment. The software is located in the operational centre with client software in every vehicle.


SIDO is a digital information screen that will become part of SawInfo. The information screens are placed in central locations, e.g. control rooms, coffee rooms and other places where people spend time or pass through.

SIDO can show routines to be carried out daily, weekly or monthly, as well as checklists to run through for stoppages to ensure everything has been done before start-up. SIDO can be connected to terminal screens and vehicles as it is a cloud application that only requires a web browser and connection.


SawInfo JobOnline (SIJO) is DataPolarna’s in-house developed service for easy and efficient logging and analysis of vehicle operations within the sawmill. SIJO also works well for stationary use.

The user can easily select which activities and machines to connect to the system for reporting. The system includes all the required hardware, i.e. touchscreen, vehicle fitting and data subscription. No software installation is required to get started as all the tools are available via the web.

SIBB (SawInfo Blue Box)

SIBB is a production database that collects all the product information linked to, among other things, logs, orders, packages, pieces and stop times.

With SIBB, all the production data are collected in one place and can easily be integrated with the saw’s production and logistics systems. All the data in SIBB are also available via mobile phone.


MoistPal is the moisture meter of the future that we have developed together with people in the industry, outstanding product developers and manufacturers. It facilitates sampling of moisture ratios in sawn wood products.

Easier handling leads to big time savings when sampling. Measurement data are transferred via Bluetooth and can be linked to a smartphone, PC or other device with Bluetooth. The measurement data are transferred and stored automatically so that users can print reports etc. immediately after taking the measurements.



Introduction to DataPolarna

DataPolarna is a consultancy company that specialises in developing efficient, customer-adapted and innovative software solutions, as well as education and project leadership.

Our strength lies in a long and broad experience of analysing needs, and of developing and carrying out both large and small projects in close collaboration with our customers.

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