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New! Measurement of dimensions for the saw and grading and trimming line with the aid of SIDO

Braviken is one of the sawmills that have now installed measurement of dimensions, the latest SIDO function, in order to streamline work.

Our dimension measurement function makes it possible, with the aid of a digital slide caliper, to measure the boards that are included in the saw order. In a simple and easy way, you can transfer all of the measurements that have been made to the document, thereby saving a lot of time. You can also achieve a maximum yield of boards and save raw material because you get a very accurate dimension measurement.

SIDO is our proprietary product for displaying procedures that are to be done daily, weekly, or monthly. Among other things, SIDO is used to provide feedback on saw orders, order adjustments, incident reporting, fault reports, suggestions and checklists so that if operations are shot down, you can be sure that all the necessary steps have been taken before starting up again.

SIDO usually uses digital information displays and often is placed in central locations, such as control rooms, break rooms and other places where people often congregate or pass by. SIDO also is used to good advantage in combination with touch screens, because it is a cloud application that requires only a Web browser and an Internet connection. 

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