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SCA Wood Tunadal takes additional step with GPS Timber

Tunadals Sågverk, which is owned by SCA Wood, has been using GPS Timber for many years in its compartment management at the sawmill. GPS Timber is a system for sawmills for which DataPolarna handles the development and that is sold by Sokigo.

Mathias Eriksson, project manager for GPS Timber, says that the next step in the development at Tunadal is under way.

“We have recently installed a more advanced product, which enables the sawmill to create more dynamic sorting. With the new solution, when a compartment is full, the timber now goes to the next available compartment. This system creates a better workflow, and it can easily switch between different timber classes,” Mathias explains.

The sorting becomes more accessible as a result, and the system also is integrated with the Microtec control system, which facilitates integration.

Lately an increasing number of sawmills have become aware of the benefits of GPS Timber as well as this new solution with dynamic sorting. Later this autumn a number of additional sawmills will buy GPS Timber.

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