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“Pilot” put in place in Östavall

Lennart Landström is the production manager for GPS Timber at Cartesia, which markets the system that has been developed by us at DataPolarna. He relates what is happening right now.

“We have installed a so-called pilot in Östavall, and there we will see what adjustments we have to make to get GPS Timber to become fully functional along with SCA’s system called GATA. GATA can be described as an advisory logistics system, which they have developed over a couple of years. The idea with this is that all incoming raw materials should occur through the system.”

GPS Timber has indeed worked very well within the sawmill industry for many years, but within paper mills there has been no similar system up until now. But interest is beginning to come from paper mills, too, since we have adapted the system for that market as well.

“Through GATA one can monitor the entire logistical chain from loading site via lorry transport and transfer to the railway,” Lennart Landström continues. “The idea now is that GPS Timber will serve as the link that puts the entire chain together in paper mill facilities, too.”

Now the “pilot” will be tested during the entire first quarter of next year, and then it is hoped that GPS Timber will be able to work well together with GATA so that it can be applied at SCA’s four paper mills and nine terminals.

“We have great expectations that GPS Timber and GATA together will form a complete logistical chain all the way from the fallen tree to the finished product within the paper mill,” Landström concludes.



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