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Mine Insight – an interesting project together with ABB

During 2013, DataPolarna, together with ABB, started a large-scale project called Mine Insight, which optimises machine work, task management and communication down in mines.

Ola Fredby is responsible for DataPolarna’s work in the project.

“On the mining side, we want to keep the machines running all the time so we can work more efficiently and increase profitability. In this development work, we have focused on finding a solution to allocating tasks to different machines in the mining localities and an easy way to report what they have done.”

Now, times can be entered for when each machine has started and finished a task, and previous, current and upcoming tasks, as well as the tasks of other machines, can be seen on a screen.

“This allows us to optimise the working day, as we can see which phase other machines are in. A loading machine driver, for example, can see which phase the drilling machine is in and when it is in a position to load the rock mass from different rounds and drive it away for crushing.”

With the help of MIP, the shift foreman can also track and estimate the time spent on different phases, follow different flows and create new tasks for all the machines that are operational. In MIP, data can also be obtained from the overall planning system that is used.

“One problem in the mines is that the network doesn’t always work a hundred per cent down there. We are therefore looking at linking the data via cars that drive and position themselves so that the data connection works and that way make it possible to communicate better with each other and exchange important data,” explains Ola.

ABB is responsible for marketing and sales of MIP. Patrik Westerlund, who is in charge of this at ABB, explains that he has great hopes for the system in the future:

“We have run a pilot project in Boliden mine in Kankberg since last summer in which 16 vehicles were connected to the system. It looks like it’s all working fully according to our plans. The big challenge is to be able to communicate and to have wireless coverage so far below ground. It’s not without complications; that’s clear, but together with DataPolarna we have found a solution that looks very promising.”

“The idea is for the system to be launched in full by the middle of next year, and in the long term, we believe this will be a product that will be of interest not just in Sweden but also in the global mining market where ABB is already successful.”



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