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GPS Timber is now also in Germany

GPS Timber is our and Sokigo´s (formerly Cartesia´s) common system for more efficient timber yard logistics. DataPolarna handles development of GPS Timber, while Sokigo takes care of the marketing.

Lennart Landström, who is in charge of sales for GPS Timber, is very pleased to now be able to count Germany as an export country for GPS Timber:

“The Schweighofer group bought the system to introduce it at the group’s facility in Kodersdorf, located close to Poland. This is a fairly large sawmill that handles about 850,000 cubic metres of timber every year,” Lennart says. “We have supplied GPS Timber to three more of the group's sawmills in Romania, where it has worked very well, and this is probably the biggest reason why Schweighofer now wants to install the logistics system in more of its sawmills.”

The system is based on GPS technology, and through communication between the operations centre and vehicles, it keeps track of what is stored where, where the vehicles are located and what activities are being carried out.

Lennart notes that the system has now worked its way into the important German market, where many large sawmill companies operate. GPS Timber now can also be found in Austria, Romania, Germany, Norway – and in several Swedish sawmills. In conjunction with Ligna, contact also is being made with sawmills from several European countries in hopes that we will be seeing new customers there shortly.



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