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SIPal – package logistics

SIPal (SawInfo Package Logistics) handles everything related to lumber packages, from sticker stacked packages directly from the saw until they are delivered to the customer.

SIPal is often the obvious entry into the world of SawInfo. Using SIPal many good effects are achieved and good package are also an important platform to build other improvements on.

Key functions

Graphical user interface
A graphical presentation gives the user a unique overview of all packages

Developed for the task
SIPal is from the beginning med to used in forklifts and wheel loaders

SIPal is through configuration easily adapted to customer needs

All functionality needed to handle packages is available in SIPal

Network disruptions
SIPal has built in buffering to handle network disruptions. Full network (WiFi) coverage is not needed

Expected effects

Increased efficiency
No time and diesel is wasted on search for packages. SIPal always knows where all packages are and in many cases what to do next.

Easier to cooperate
All forklifts has the same information and easy help each other

Increased stock turnover
Age and exact location of packages is used to deliver right packages

Better stock utilization
Dynamic storage location for products increases stock utilization

Stock security
If packages are in SIPal you will also be able to find them in real life

Less personal dependency
Easier for new personnel to get started with the work

Better foresight
With more information it´s easier to work proactive

Less package movements
The need to move packages can be decreases by >20%

Reduced inventory damage
Less package moves reduces the risk if inventory damage

Easier to involve personnel and do improvement work (Lean)

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