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SISS – sales support

SISS (SawInfo Sales Support) is a fully web based system for sales support spanning contract to invoice.

SISS is under development and will be available to the market Q1 2018. When SISS is launched we have the possibility to deliver a unique and complete system for the wood industry.

Key functions

Web based
SISS is 100% web based and adapted for mobility

Data flow
SISS in integrated with all other system in the SawInfo family and the same API´s are available to systems from other system suppliers

Modern system design
SISS is developed using the latest technology and Windows Azure

From the beginning designed to support e-commerce, mobility and M2M

Intuitive interface to simplify use and minimize training

Expected effects

Easy to check whats in stock and close deals on business trips

More users
Simplicity allows more people to use SISS without a lot of training

Less administration
Integrations, internaly and externaly, minimize the need to manually move data between systems.

Good working methods
SISS contains industry specific functionality and good way of working

Easy to switch system
SISS makes it easy to switch system and start working 

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