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GanttBrowser is a program that can be used to visualise and analyse time-related data. The program reads data via optional data sources, shows graphically the flow in a Gantt chart and also provides the option of drawing curves for further analysis.

Visualising data

Read data can be filtered, changed, processed, shown in charts and exported to Excel, etc. A Gantt chart is easy to navigate with “drag ’n drop”, which makes it user-friendly and easy to get started with.

The GanttBrowser can be configured to start with particular settings, so the end user does not need to configure what is to be shown.

Data sources

Data can be imported from an optional ODBC source, a text file, or directly from Excel. Data can also be exported and imported if you would like to process data in another program.


To further clarify the data, a time chart can be drawn from an optional ODBC source at the same time as the Gantt chart is created. The chart is constructed with the help of formulae in which data from several sources can be combined.


Data can be shown as Gantt charts, trends, time charts, tables, charts, two-way tables and combined with a work schedule.

System requirements

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP


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