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SIBB – production database

SIBB (SawInfo Blue Box) is a standardized database where all production data produced by a sawmill can be stored and processed. SIBB handles data linked to logs, production orders, packages, boards and planks, drying, stop times etc.

One purpose of SIBB is to transform islands of data from different systems into information that can be used for decision in daily work. Most data produced at a sawmill is only used for a single decision and after that discarded. With all data stored in one database the usability of data is heavily increased.

Process data

A very important task for SIBB is to connect data from different production systems and do filtration and calculations to transform data into useful information that can be used as a decision base for improvements.

Information in SIBB I available though MS Reporting services, webb, excel or integration with other systems.

Key funtions

SIBB uses an intuitive web interface

Cloud based
SIBB is hosted in Windows Azure and available everywhere

Data processing
Data is processed and filtered to make information that´s easy to grasp

Integrations included
Integration with other systems are included into the SIBB offer

Data is stored with all details left. This ensures that almost any type of follow up can be done

Expected effects

Information at you fingertips
Data is continuously collected and transformed to information available using a web browser or smartphone

Easy interpret
Information is presented by standardized reports and diagrams

Se connections
Possible to se connections between production steps

Easy to follow up
Effect by improvement and changes can easily be seen

Dare more
With reliable information you can make brave and great decisions

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