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SIProd – production terminal

SIProd (SawInfo Production) is a production terminal intended to be used close to production of lumber packages.

SIProd has all functionality needed such as order list, PLC integrations, label printing, login of stop times, manuel package creation, barcodes etc.

SIProd can be used stand alone or in combination with SIPlan and SISS.

Key functions

SIProd is integrated with machine control systems

Labels can be printed with a combination of data from machine PLC, production order, product register and manually entered data

Stop times
Built in functionality to log stop times linked to production and packages

Deregister packages
Consumed packages can be deregistered from intake queue or barcodes

Sub contractors
Using SIProd Web subcontractors can be integrated

Expected effects

More correct data
Less error and higher quality on data related to packages

Easy to distribute planning
When a new plan is published its immediately available to production

Package labels
All labels with the same layout regardless where they are made

Correct package queues
Package queues for ingoing and outgoing packages will be correct

Sub contractors
Easy to see what sub contractors has done and what to be done

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