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DigiKart mapping is created from an image that is retrieved directly from a digital camera, an existing file or a mapping template. The cartographer carries out mapping tasks directly on the image with the help of a touchscreen computer. The mapping can then be dimensioned and exported to CAD.

Digital image processing

Imported DigiKart images can be processed to change, for example, their contrast and brightness.

Map fissures, rock types, levels and impregnations with symbols that you define yourself.

Write notes and comments.


Print mappings on printers and save images and mappings as files.


When mapping is completed, it is exported to CAD in the form of a DXF file, or it is imported to Microstation with the help of a Java program. Reference points in DigiKart ensure that the image is correctly arranged in XYZ directions.

Touchscreen computer

The program is adapted for a touchscreen computer. The advantage of working with a portable computer is that mapping can be carried out directly at the working face and so the quality of the image is not critical.

System requirements

A portable computer with a touchscreen.

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