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SIPlan – production planning

SIPlan (SawInfo Plan) provides planning and scheduling from annual budget to scheduling of machinery during a day.

App production steps from logsorter to planning and treatment can be scheduled in a single tool.

SIPlan is initially designed to be used for divergent production where every production step means that you have more product. Divergent production is very specific for sawmill and is not supported in most systems for production planning.

In SIPlan scheduling on a daily basis is don using a ganttschema and where the planner easily can se deficiencies an problems.

Key funtions

Scheduling and prioritization is done using drag an drop

Cloud based
SIPlan I cloudbased (Windows azure) and available at any location

All scheduling in one tool
All planning can be done in one tool even if several people are involved

SIPlan is well integrated with other SawInfo systems

Easy do administer
All administration is done on the webb and data can easily be imported/exported to Excel

Expected effects

Easy to distribute updates
When publishing an new plan every one has new and updated information

Using production recipes no information is forgotten

When changing your plan all consequences are immediately visible

Reduced planning time
Heavily reduced time for planning, maintining and distributing plans

Decreased inventory
Better planning enables a more “just in time” approach

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