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SawInfo - ”Office” for the wood industry


The first piece of the SawInfo puzzle was laid in 1998 as a result of a collaboration with a Swedish drying kiln manufacturer and two sawmills. Focus was at that time to give the possibility to provide traceability and quality assurance through the drying process. Since 1998 we have continuously developed SawInfo with new and improved functionality to cover all aspects of handling lumber packages in the wood industry.

Today, SawInfo is a complete system with all functionality needed to handle packages in forklifts and is maybe the sharpest tool available to increase efficiency in sawmill logistics.

We like ta see SawInfo as a office suit for wood industry.

SawInfo grows

Around 2012 DataPolarna decided to extend SawInfo to cover even more. Since then the SawInfo-family has grown to incorporate system for production planning, production follow-up, scheduling, budget, production terminals, subcontractors and sales support. The name SawInfo works as the family name and most of the products starts with “SI”.

When we started the development of the Sales Support system (SISS) in early 2017, it was also time to lift the name "SawInfo" as a family name and renamed what we called SawInfo (package management) to SIPal (SawInfo Package Logistics).


Since its inception, DataPolarna has purposefully worked to "productify" our systems so that we can simplify and streamline installation, development, training, maintenance, support, integration, etc.

Today we have 9 products for the wood industry and 6 has the name SawInfo

What do we mean by ”product”?

Product can be sold to several customers
Adaptation to specific customer needs is done by configuration and choice of modules to it customer needs

Works stand-alone
Every product in the SawInfo-family can be used stand-alone and give the customer good value.

At least 10 customers
When 10 customers are using a system most variations are covered

DataPolarna is responsible for development
DataPolarna has knowledge to proactive refine and increase functionality

Continuous development
Development is continuously done to improve and ensure the future of our products

Installation not an IT-project
Introducing SawInfo should have the characteristics of an installation not an IT-project

Long-term profitable
It’s important that our business models ensures the future of our products

Be the best
DataPolarna should be the best supplier and our product should be best in what they do


A very important part of SawInfo are integrations. Data and information shall be available at your fingertips when you need it and in many cases without asking for it. The last years we have been working a lot to make data “flow freely” between our sub systems but also between SawInfo and systems from other suppliers.

As a basic principle we offer other suppliers the same API:s as we use ourselves.

SawInfo – Key functions


SawInfo gives you tools for digitizing your business.


SawInfo products contains functionality for planning, monitoring, logistics and business. All available in one package.

SawInfo continuous expands with innovative functionality

Well tested
More than 60 customers are using SawInfo

Focus is integrations and cooperation between systems

SawInfo is simple to implement and simple to use

SawInfo – expected effects

Spread information
Using SawInfo everyone has access to relevant and updated indormation

Synergy effects
Much easier to control and coordinate your organisation

Less administration
No one has to type in information from one system into another

A push in the right direction
Good ideas and good ways to work is built in to SawInfo

Due to coordination, planning and information, resources like forklifts can work more efficient and reduce risk of double work

SawInfo - Products

Introduction to DataPolarna

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Our strength lies in a long and broad experience of analysing needs, and of developing and carrying out both large and small projects in close collaboration with our customers.

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