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SIDO – operator maintenance

SIDO (SawInfo DOit) is a web based system to simplify and streamline operator maintenance and other tasks that should be done cyclically. SIDO can also be used as a tool for production reporting and is an excellent tool for those who work with Lean and 5S.

With SIDO we have tried to make a system that fills in the gaps between our other systems and in the same time is both flexible and intuitive to use.

Key functions

SIDO is completely web based and also adapted to be used in a smarphone

Easy to maintain
Administer SIDO using web and it takes a minimum of training to use

Supports continuous improvements
SIDO contains leanboard, smileys, key figures, error reporting, disturbance reporting, instructions etc.

Production reporting an quality assurance
Report production order and dimension using wireless caliper

Each department has its own SIDO-board with department specific tasks

Expected effects

Easy to maintain routines
SIDO supports the organization to maintain established routines

Follow up
Easy to see whats planned, done, to be done and what is delayed

More involvement
The transparency in SIDO increases peoples interest and involvement

Better reporting
SIDO´s simplicity increases the level and accuracy of reporting

Better prioritization
SIDO helps to get the right things done at the right time

Introduction to DataPolarna

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